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Best Download Managers for Windows 10 2019 (free)

Its no secret that many of us are not contented with the download speeds of our browsers like Chrome and Firefox. Adding to this, they provide us with zero functionality like pause and resume for downloads. Hence, we look for alternative downloads managers that are free and offer tuns of customization. However, finding the right one is difficult.

The internet download manager (idm) is by far the favourite of most surfers. But IDM only provides a 30-day trial period of their excellent software. Many, due to this either pirates the application or look for free alternatives. Using a cracked version of a download manager for windows is a dumb decision, because we have excellent free substitutes for this limited software offering.

In this post, I will list out the best free download managers for windows that can serve as a replacement for your speedy trail of internet download manager.

1.Xtreme download Manager (XDM)

xdm is undoubtedly the fastest of all.

XDM is the fastest cover for your speedy download needs. It offers a rather simple yet funcional UI. The interface design may not seem the foremost in comparison with many others. However, it does offer all the functionalities one would expect from a top download manager. Support for almost all browsers are possible with extensions in XDM. XDM also allows bulk download of playlists from YouTube, along with the options to download videos directly from YouTube and other popular video streaming sites. (Downloading videos from YouTube is illegal according to their privacy policy terms.)

Download XDM

2. Free Download Manager (FDM)

fdm is the most functional substitute for internet download manager.

FDM is another contender for the top spot among the leading free download managers. It offers a ton of features in its sleeves. Like any other best download managers, it easily fits into every browser available in the market like Chrome & Firefox. There are options to schedule downloads, queue them or even bulk download items. There’s also integration into popular video streaming websites allowing you to directly download videos from these sites. And its all completly free. Yas!.

Download FDM

3. Eagleget Downloader

Eagleget download manager for windows is an excellent alternative to your other download managers with themeing support.

Eagleget is another favorite of mine that catches almost close to the download speeds of internet download manager. Eagleget is a free software, which like others accelerates downloads using multiple threads. You will also get a descent user interface with support for a few theme options out of the box. It supports firefox, chrome, ie and opera, which makes up most of the internet browsing. You also get an option to scan the downloads after completion.

Download eagleget

4. Ninja Download Manager

Ninja is arguably the best designed download manager app

Ninja Download Manager might be the most minimalist designed download manager that looks from the future. NDM also comes in a paid version as NDM pro. But you’ll be well satisfied with the free version. It does offer all the neat features of a free download manager, like pause/resume, download scheduling, drag & drop and many more along with a password manager builtin.

Download NDM

These were a few among many free download managers available. There are quite a few more recommendable software like uGet and download accelerator plus, which might serve your need. Do check them out to, if the above mentioned ones do not satisfy your needs.

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